8 June 2022 5pm

Tim Maudlin (New York University)

On line seminar - to register, please send an email to silvia.debianchi@unimi.it

The empirical success of Special and General Relativity, and of theories that incorporate Relativistic symmetries, argues that the Relativistic account of space-time structure must approximate the truth. But on the other hand, the confirmed violations of Bell’s Inequality for experiments done at space-like separation equally appears to argue for some global foliation of space-time that does not appear in the Relativistic theory. I will show how, from a fundamentally discrete and atomic sort of space-time geometry, both a preferred foliation and an approximately Minkowskian metrical structure naturally emerge. Further, in such a discrete structure singlularities of the sort that infect Quantum Field Theory cannot arise. This provides grounds for taking such a fundamentally discrete geometry as a serious possibility.