Virtue and Psychic Motion in Plato’s Republic

17 November 2020 - 3.00 pm

Eduardo Saldaña (Geneva)

On line seminar

Abstract In Republic Books 2–3, Plato’s Socrates reflects on the nature of an early education in ethics, consisting of both musical and physical training. A proper education both prepares the […]

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Exploring the early Universe through the cosmic microwave background

3 March 2020 3.00pm

Paolo Natoli, Università di Ferrara and INFN

Department of Philosophy, Building B Room B7/1140 Campus UAB

Abstract I will present the tightest observational bounds available on the early Universe, largely based on the legacy of the ESA Planck satellite. The emergent cosmological picture is well consistent […]

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Time and Cosmogony in Plato and the Platonic Tradition

22-23 October 2019

Organizers: Silvia De Bianchi and Daniel Vázquez

Sala d'Actes, Department of Philosophy - Campus UAB

Program Tuesday 22nd October Sala d’Actes – Philosophy Dept. UAB   10:30-10:45 Introduction, program information/changes 10:45-11:45 Barbara Sattler “Chronos as all-encompassing – Plato’s Unification of Time” 12:00-13:00 Viktor Ilievski “The Demiurge and […]

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The philosophical underpinning of the absorber theory of radiation

30 May 2019 11.30 am

Marco Forgione (University of South Carolina)

Department of Philosophy, Building B Room B7/1140 Campus UAB

Abstract This talk deals with the absorber theory of radiation by (Wheeler and Feynman, 1945) and (Wheeler and Feynman, 1949) and advances the idea that the theory is grounded on […]

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Kant on the Foundations of Mathematics and Cosmology. What Legacy for German Idealism and Beyond?

17-18 September 2019

Organizers: Silvia De Bianchi, Federico Viglione

Sala d'Actes (Department of Philosophy, Campus UAB)

Program Tuesday 17th September Sala d’Actes – Philosophy Dept. UAB 10.30 – 10.45 Introduction, program information/changes 10.45 – 11.45 Lisa Shabel: “Kant’s Schematism” 12.00 – 13.00 Federico Viglione: “The mathematical antinomies: […]

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