This year our seminar series will be held online. You are more than welcome to join our sessions via Zoom.  To register for each or all sessions, please send an email to


Nick Huggett (University of Illinois Chicago) 10 October 2022 3pm

Pablo Montosa Molinero  (University of Barcelona) 9 November 2022 3pm

Enrico Cinti (University of Geneva/University of Urbino) and Marco Sanchioni (University of Urbino) 25 November 2022 3pm

Stefano Liberati (SISSA) 5 December 2022 4.30pm

Gabriele Gava (University of Turin) 23 January 2023 3pm

Emily Adlam (Rotman Institute of Philosophy, Western University) 6 February  2023 5pm

Ismael Jennan (Johns Hopkins University) 6 March 2023 5pm

Daniel Sudarsky (National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) 20 April 2023 5pm

Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University) 27 April 2023 5pm

Kerry McKenzie (UC San Diego) 16 May 2023 6pm

Mauro Dorato (Roma Tre University) 25 May 2023 3pm

Aaron Wells (Paderborn) 9 June 2023 5pm