Exploring the early Universe through the cosmic microwave background

3 March 2020 3.00pm

Paolo Natoli, Università di Ferrara and INFN

Department of Philosophy, Building B Room B7/1140 Campus UAB

Abstract I will present the tightest observational bounds available on the early Universe, largely based on the legacy of the ESA Planck satellite. The emergent cosmological picture is well consistent […]

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Time and Cosmogony in Plato and the Platonic Tradition

22-23 October 2019

Organizers: Silvia De Bianchi and Daniel Vázquez

Sala d'Actes, Department of Philosophy - Campus UAB

Program Tuesday 22nd October Sala d’Actes – Philosophy Dept. UAB   10:30-10:45 Introduction, program information/changes 10:45-11:45 Barbara Sattler “Chronos as all-encompassing – Plato’s Unification of Time” 12:00-13:00 Viktor Ilievski “The Demiurge and […]

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