22-23 October 2019

Organizers: Silvia De Bianchi and Daniel Vázquez

Sala d'Actes, Department of Philosophy - Campus UAB


Tuesday 22nd October

Sala d’Actes – Philosophy Dept. UAB


9:30-9:45 Introduction, program information/changes

9:45-10:45 Barbara Sattler “Chronos as all-encompassing – Plato’s Unification of Time”

11:00-12:00 Viktor Ilievski “The Demiurge and His Place in Plato’s Metaphysical Scheme”

12:00-13:00 Luca Pitteloud “Motion before Motion: Timaeus’ Description of chaos in the Universe (52d4-53b5)”


14:30-15:30 Jenny Bryan “The Ethics of Time in the Myth of Plato’s Statesman

15:45-16:45 Silvia De Bianchi “Instantaneity, temporality and eternity in Plato’s Timaeus

Conference Dinner


Wednesday 23rd October

Sala d’Actes – Philosophy Dept. UAB


10:45-11:45 Daniel Vázquez “Before the Creation of Time in Plato’s Timaeus

12:00-13:00 Alberto Ross “God and Causality in Simplicius”


14:30-15:30 José M. Zamora “The Paradigm for the Cosmos. Syrianus’ Reading of Tim. 28c5–29a2”


15:45-16:45 Ricardo Salles “One classic problem in the Stoic theory of time and its Platonic background”