Gabbanelli, L. ; De Bianchi, S. (2021), In: General Relativity and Gravitation. 53:7


In this review we focus on the main cosmological implications of the Group Field Theory approach, according to which an effective continuum macroscopic dynamics can be extracted from the underlying formalism for quantum gravity. Within this picture what counts is the collective behaviour of a large number of quanta of geometry. The resulting state is a condensate-like structure made of “pre-geometric” excitations of the Group Field Theory field over a no-space vacuum. Starting from the kinematics and dynamics, we offer an overview of the way in which Group Field Theory condensate cosmology treats solutions for the homogeneous and isotropic universe. These solutions including a bounce, share with other quantum cosmological approaches the resolution of the singularity characterizing general relativity. Contrary to what is usually done in quantum cosmology, in Group Field Theory cosmology no preliminary symmetry reduction is needed for this purpose. We conclude with a discussion of the limits and future perspectives of the Group Field Theory approach.


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