This year our seminar series will be held online. You are more than welcome to join our sessions via Zoom.  To register for each or all sessions, please send an email to


Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne)  1 October 2021 3pm

Craig Callender (UC SAN DIEGO) 20 October 2021 5.30pm

Stefano Furlan and Rocco Gaudenzi   (MPIWG – Berlin) 26 October 2021

Laura Marongiu (University of Cologne) 19 November 2021 3pm

Filip Karfik  (University of Fribourg) 25 November 2021 3pm

Elena Polledri  (University of Udine) 1 February 2022 3pm CANCELED

Roberto Longo (University of Rome Tor Vergata) 9 February 2022 3pm

Karen Crowther (University of Oslo) 18 February 2022 3pm

Luca Guzzardi  (University of Milan) 4 March 2022 3pm

Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge, UK) and Fay Dowker  (Imperial College London) 17 March 2022 3pm

Baptiste Le Bihan (University of Geneva) 11 May 2022 3pm

Tim Maudlin (New York University) 8 June 2022 5pm