Within the framework of the ERC Project “Paradoxes and Metaphors of Time in Early Universe(s)” the research team invites scholars from abroad to give lectures on the treatment of time in different disciplines and sciences. Lectures are open to PhD students and researchers from any area. The invited lectures take place at the Department of Philosophy (Building B, Campus UAB) in the room B7/1140 and normally start at 3pm (change in the programme will be advertised on time). After 50 minutes presentation there will be 40 minutes Q&A. Tea and biscuits will be served. All welcome!

21 February 2019 
Workshop: Prof. Francesco Fronterotta (Rome “La Sapienza”) and Dr Michele Alessandrelli (ILIESI Rome) 

14 March 2019
Invited lecture: Dr Florian Fischer (Siegen)

25 April 2019
Invited lecture: Prof. Jean-Luc Lehners (Albert Einstein Insitute, Golm)

9 May 2019  
Invited Lecture: Dr Nick Young (Milan) 

16 May 2019
Invited lecture: Prof. Kelly Stelle (Imperial College London)