The Symposium will be held via Zoom. To register email by 7 May 2021


Tuesday, 11 May
3:00-4:15pm Session 1 Barbara Sattler: Temporal Measurement in Society and the Natural World
4:30-5:45pm Session 2 Luc Brisson: Instant (ἐξαίφνης) in Plato’s Parmenides 155e3-157b4

Wednesday, 12 May
11:00-12:15am Session 3 Sarah Broadie: Timaean Demiurgy: Is It All Over and Done With?
12:30-1:45pm Session 4 Federico Petrucci: Plato’s Precosmos
3:00-4:15pm Session 5 Carolina Araujo: Time and Light in Plato’s Timaeus

Thursday, 13 May
3:00-5:00pm Round table

Organizers: Viktor Illievski, Daniel Vazquez, Silvia De Bianchi
Scientific Committee: Silvia De Bianchi, Viktor Illievski, Daniel Vazquez and Francesco Fronterotta