This series of talks focuses on Plato and his legacy with emphasis on the concepts of time, motion and soul. Invited speakers are junior scholars who successfully applied for a visiting period at PROTEUS and will present their ongoing and past research papers.

All talks will be held online via Teams at 3pm. To register, please send an email to


17 November 2020 – Eduardo Saldaña (Geneva): Virtue and Psychic Motion in Plato’s Republic.


1 December 2020Thomas Seissl (Vienna): Simplicius On the Shadowy Existence of Time: A Neoplatonic Interpretation of Aristotelian Dialectic and Syllogistic in Physics IV.10 and its Metaphysical Implications. 


15 December 2020 Celso Vieira (UFMG Brazil): A three-levelled metaphysics of time in the Timaeus?