This year our seminar series will be held online. You are more than welcome to join our sessions via Teams. To register for each or all sessions, please send an email to


25 November 2020 @3pm
Sven Rosenkranz (Barcelona): Theories of time and existence, and the relativistic turn

19 January 2021 @3pm
Matteo Morganti (Rome): Fundamentality in the philosophy of physics

10 February 2021 @3pm
Fay Dowker (London): Being and Becoming in Quantum Gravity

11 February 2021 @3pm
Thomas Kjeller Johansen (Oslo): The Cosmos as a Model of Self-Sufficiency

23 February 2021 @5pm
Olimpia Lombardi and Cristian Lopez (Buenos Aires): La flecha del tiempo: una propiedad geométrica del universo

3 March 2021 @3pm
Robin Le Poidevin (Leeds): Space-time, Detachment Arguments, and Two Kinds of Determinism


10 March 2021 @5pm
JB Shank (Minneapolis): The Complexities of Cosmological Time in Premodern Europe