17 - 19 July 2023

University of Milan, via Sant'Antonio, 12, 20122 Milan. Room: Sala Napoleonica

The ERC Proteus – “Paradoxes and Metaphors of Time in Early Universe(s)” is glad to announce the event “Perspectives on Time and Atemporality in Cosmology and Natural Sciences” that will take place at the University of Milan in July 2023.

The event represents the joint-effort of the research team to disseminate results and create debate among leading philosophers of physics and theoretical physicists working at the intersection of fields, such as Philosophy, Quantum Gravity and Cosmology.

The three-day conference will run from the morning of the 17th of July until the afternoon of the 19th of July 2023. A special session will be devoted to the general public with the Book Symposium on Enrico Cinti & Marco Sanchioni‘s “I paradossi dei buchi neri. Una spiegazione elementare per comprendere l’universo” (Carocci 2022).

Invited speakers:

Emily Adlam “The Temporal Asymmetry of Influence is Not Statistical”

Julian Barbour “Complexity and a Dynamical Arrow of Time”

Jeremy Butterfield  “En route to reduction: Lorentzian manifolds and causal sets”

Salvatore Capozziello  “Noether Symmetries in Quantum Cosmology: A Selection Rule for Observable Universes”

Richard Dawid “Emergent time and exact dualities”

Sebastian de Haro  “On Time and Holes in de Sitter Spacetimes”

Nick Huggett  “Semi-Classical Time in Quantum Cosmology”

Vincent Lam “Universality and Effective Temporal Dynamics: An Epistemic Approach Agnostic to Ontology”

Daniele Oriti  “A Foundational Trefoil for Spacetime: Quantum Gravity, Hydrodynamics and Cosmology”

Giulia Rubino “Theory Independent Tests of Indefinite Causality”

Francesca Vidotto “Quantum Cosmology with no time from covariant Loop Quantum Gravity”


The event is free, no registration fee is required. However, participants are requested to contact the organizers to register by 5 July 2023.