Research Team

Viktor Ilievski

Postdoc 2018-2021

Postdoc in Ancient Philosophy
Department of Philosophy - UAB

I obtained my PhD degree at the Central European University, Budapest, in 2015. During 2017 I was engaged as a research fellow at the IRH-ICUB, University of Bucharest. In 2018 I joined the research team of the PROTEUS project, pursued at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I am a historian of philosophy, primarily working in the field of Ancient Greek philosophy, but also glancing occasionally upon some of the fundamental texts of Ancient India. My main research focus has been placed on Plato and Platonism, especially on Plato’s cosmology, theodicy and the Platonic theories of the origin of evil.


Selected Publications

Articles in English:

  • “Language and Knowledge in Plato’s Cratylus”. Филозофија/Filozofijа – A Journal of Philosophical Inquiry 35 (2013), pp. 7-25.
  • “Eternity and Time in Plato’s Timaeus”. Antiquite Vivante 65 (2015), pp. 5-22.
  • “Plato’s Theodicy in the Timaeus”. Rhizomata 4/2 (2016), pp. 201-224.
  • “Lot-casting, Divine Interference, and Chance in the Myth of Er”. Apeiron 50/1 (2017), pp. 67-79.
  • “Traces of the Platonic Theory of Evil in the Theaetetus”. Journal of Ancient Philosophy 11/1 (2017), pp. 66-98.
  • “Soul, Causation and Evil: is Plato’s ψσυχή indeed κινήσεως ἁπάσης αἰτία and τῶν πάντων αἰτία?”. Hermathena 195 (Winter 2013), pp. 31-54.
  • “Theodicy and Moral Responsibility in the Myth of Er”. Apeiron 51/3 (2018), pp. 259-278.

Conference Proceedings in English:

  • “Plato and the Aesthetic Solution to the Problem of Evil”. In Cheira A. (ed.), (Re)presenting Magic, (Un)doing Evil, Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2012, pp. 51-58
  • “Stoic Influences on Plotinus’ Theodicy?”, forthcoming.
  • “The Problem of Evil and Theodicy in the Republic 379b-c”, forthcoming.

Books in Macedonian:

  • Why Do We Suffer: The Problem of Evil from Homer to Plotinus. Skopje: TRI Publishing Centre, 2015

Articles and Book Chapters in Macedonian:

  • “Commentaries on the Upanisadic Mantra TAT TVAM ASI in the Vedanta Schools”. Philosophia 22 (2007), pp. 59-88
  • “On the road”. Philosophia 24 (2007), pp. 39-54
  • “The Problem of Evil in Plotinus”. Philosophia 26 (2009), pp. 31-47
  • “Transliteration of the Sanskrit Alphabet into Macedonian Cyrillic”. In Orthography Guide of Macedonian Language. Skopje: Институт за македонски јазик „Крсте Мисирков“, 2016
  • “Logos and Tropoi in the Theology of the Early Stoa„, forthcoming.
  • “Some Thoughts on Soul and God’s Benevolence From the End of Plato’s Republic„, forthcoming.

Book Reviews in Macedonian:

  • “Plotinus on Number, Slaveva-Griffin, S.”, Antiquite Vivante 62 (2012), pp. 194-198