De Bianchi, S. (2021), In Bilddenken und Morphologie: Interdisziplinäre Studien über Form und Bilder im philosophischen und wissenschaftlichen Denken, edited by Laura Follesa and Federico Vercellone, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter


This contribution focuses on Kant’s doctrine of hypotyposis as deployed in the Critique of Judgment and explores its implications for his view of what I call “functional cosmology”. Despite the number of metaphors used by Kant in the pre-critical works, it is only in the early 1790s that his system could account for the use and function of metaphors and symbolic representation in the natural sciences connecting them to aesthetics and ethics. This account was also stimulated by the debates surrounding Plato’s dialogues and Neoplatonic texts at the end of the 18th century. Therefore, this paper suggests that Kant offered his own solution to the problem of thinking of the universe as an organism within the limits of transcendental philosophy.


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