Mozota Frauca, Á (2023), Philosophy of Physics 1(1): 3


In this paper I introduce the idea of geometrogenesis as suggested in the group field theory (GFT) literature, and I offer a criticism of it. Geometrogenesis in the context of GFT is the idea that what we observe as the big bang is nothing else but a phase transition from a nongeometric phase of the universe to a geometric one, which is the one we live in and the one to which the spacetime concepts apply. GFT offers the machinery to speak about geometric and nongeometric phases, but I argue that there are serious conceptual issues that threaten the viability of the idea. Some of these issues are directly related to the foundations of GFT and are concerned with the fact that it isn’t clear what GFT amounts to and how to understand it. The other main source of trouble has to do with geometrogenesis itself and its conceptual underpinnings, as it is unclear whether it requires the addition of an extra temporal or quasitemporal dimension, which is unwanted and problematic.



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